Riding with celebrities and giving back to the homeless, Meet Isaiah Garza

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Los Angeles, Cal – A kind gesture can be so small but it can make a huge impact on someone’s life. This generous Tik Tok user is being described by users as “An angel sent from heaven”.

Meet Isaiah Garza, an LA-based celebrity jewelry designer, and activist who is using his social media platform to give back for the greater good of humanity. With 3 million followers on Tik Tok, Garza grew up in a poor community with hopes and dreams of becoming a jewelry designer. He achieved it and now his jewelry has been seen on Khloe Kardashian, Rapper Cardi B, Barbadian singer Rihanna, American singer-songwriter Janet Jackson, Latin Pop Singer Becky G and more.

But that’s not what this story about, It’s about one particular person who Garza shared on his social media that is making everyone grab a piece of tissue. A lovely lady named Miss. Robin, who is seen in the very first video Garza posted as a curious and very humble lady.


I saw this homeless lady walking with no shoes on...so I gave her a little surprise 😭💕 ##MeTime ##giveback ##ColorSelector ##blacklivesmatter

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There are so many amazing videos on social media of persons giving back to the homeless. But there’s a small percentage of people that become popular and a fan favorite. Garza’s videos are so uplifting that over the past 30 days his videos were seen over 100 million times by people across the globe. In this video, you will see how two complete strangers became an unbreakable bond by Miss. Robin’s reaction in the beginning.


I took the sweetest homeless lady (Robin) to get her hair & nails done 💕 ##giveback ##WhenWeWereYounger ##NeedToKnow

♬ This Wisp Sings by Winter Aid but slowed down - lastmanstanley

As donations continue to pour into the GoFundMe account set up to help get a place for Miss. Robin, let’s say that day has come and you might need extra tissue for this.


PART 1: Robin has been homeless for 10 years. Today we got her an apartment thanks to my followers/gofund/tiktok 💕##giveback ##HolidayDecor

♬ This Wisp Sings by Winter Aid but slowed down - lastmanstanley

“Here’s to new beginnings, housing, and helping others”- Robin.

If you would like to help and donate, to get Robin a new home and off the streets click here.

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