The theories surrounding how ‘Succession’ will end are wild

I still can’t believe HBO’s hottest show is ending

This image released by HBO shows Jeremy Strong, from left, Sarah Snook and Kieran Culkin in a scene from the fourth season of "Succession." (HBO via AP) (Uncredited)

I had plenty of theories on how HBO’s “Succession” would end, but most of those were thrown into the garbage as soon as episode three aired.

If you’re caught up on the current and last season, you already know that (spoiler alert) Logan Roy died in episode three, which really changed the outcome of how the show may have ended. Instead of Logan picking the new CEO of the company, his adult children will battle it out themselves, without the prying eyes of daddy.

Before Logan died, I figured the show was going to end with him screwing over his children yet again, but now that he’s gone, the possibilities are endless.

Of course, there are tons of theories all over the internet, so let’s break down some of the most plausible and likely of the bunch.

Shiv is going to take over

Shiv Roy is mad, and when Shiv Roy is mad, she gets what she wants. Her older brothers basically cut her out of running the company when their father died, so in this past week’s episode, Shiv lured herself to Matsson, the Swedish billionaire who plans to buy the company.

Kendall and Roman may not realize it now, but Shiv is playing the long game, and if she can stay on Matsson’s good side, she may end up with a huge role in the company. Her name is Shiv after all, so it wouldn’t be too surprising if she iced out her brothers of the company.

Kendall will die, too

I’ve honestly thought this was going to happen since watching season one of this show. Kendall has a lot of demons in his closet (remember what happened at the end of season one?), and I wouldn’t be surprised if some of that comes to life.

Also, have you ever noticed Kendall is always standing at the edge of a building, or in a body of water? I swear, most of the time I ask myself if he is going to jump or end up drowning. I’m not sure if Kendall would end up taking his own life, but perhaps some freak accident might happen. Regardless, I just don’t think Kendall is made for this world much longer.

Tom will end up on top

Things aren’t looking so hot for our boy Tom right about now. The only person who was protecting him, Logan, is currently dead, his brother-in-laws could care less about him and his wife wants a divorce. He literally has no one in his corner (well, besides Greg), but it wouldn’t surprise me if Greg decided to ditch him, too.

However, there is a theory floating around TikTok that has me thinking. In a video, someone explains that when characters are using iPhones, every person uses an iPhone except the villain of the show. It basically comes down to that Apple doesn’t want bad people on the show seen with their product. It turns out, the only person using an iPhone on the show is Tom.

So if Tom is the only “good guy” on the show, does that mean he will end up running the company? My gut still says no one this one, but “Succession” has taken us on a crazy ride, so not much will shock me at this point of the show.

Greg will end up on top

This theory is pretty far-fetched, but hear me out: what if Greg ends up being head of the company?

Kendall, Roman and Shiv are all pretty incompetent, but Greg is the lowest of the lows. While it seems insane that Greg could run the company, I keep on going back to the first episode of the season. Greg was the newcomer to the rest of the family. Everyone already had established relationships, and Greg was the new fish out of water.

What if this entire thing we’ve been watching has been Greg’s story? I know it seems insane to think that, but there has to be some sort of significance behind us (and the rest of the characters) being introduced to Greg in the very first episode. It probably won’t happen, but still, I think something big will happen to Greg by the time the show wraps up.

What do you think will happen at the end of “Succession?” Let me know in the comments!

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