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Demolition crews tear down site of Jacksonville Landing mass shooting

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JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – As demolition crews continue to tear down The Jacksonville Landing, vivid memories remain in the minds of many of the frightening day a lone gunman opened fire during a video game tournament at Chicago Pizza.

Sky 4 flew over the area on Thursday to see what remained of the shopping mall. Chicago Pizza, as first reported by News4Jax’s news partner WJCT News, had been leveled.

On Aug. 26, 2018, the gunman opened fire during a Madden video game tournament. The shooter was among three people who died in the mass shooting, which left another 12 people injured.

Many of the survivors were shot multiple times. Some of the gamers who were at the tournament shared survival stories with News4Jax.

Firefighters, who were training nearby, immediately sprang into action and cared for the wounded, even entering the Landing, despite training that says firefighters must wait until police clear the building and make sure the scene is safe.

A demolition crew began to tear down The Landing in October. The city, which owned the land but not the building, took over the longtime landmark in February as part of a $15 million deal with Sleiman Enterprises.

The whole project is scheduled to be done by May or June 2020.

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