Runners around world join Quarantine Backyard Ultra

The coronavirus is forcing the cancellation of thousands of events, but that isn’t stopping some avid runners.

Runners around the world participated in something called the Quarantine Backyard Ultra.

One ultra runner in Virginia did the same loop around his neighborhood for more than 63 hours.

Every hour, Michael Wardian ran about 4.2 miles. He was competing virtually against more than 2,000 runners from across the globe.

"Going from people running on treadmills, to in their sauna in Sweden, to a guy running in a bar in Australia around stacked chairs, to me running around my awesome neighborhood here in Arlington Forest with my incredible neighbors,” Wardian said.

Wardian won the race. It all came down to him and a runner in the Czech Republic.

Wardian ran 63 laps and more than 262 miles.

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