Former USPS worker designs shirts to raise money for postal service

News4Jax anchor, Melanie Lawson, tells us how one former United States Postal Service worker has stepped up to help raise money for the agency by creating shirts.

The United States Postal Service has been in a tough spot throughout this pandemic. Earlier this month, it said it could run out of cash by September. A former USPS worker stepped up to help.

A Michigan woman says USPS reached out to her for an idea to raise money for the agency while also showing workers support.

Becky Tezeno and her family members designed shirts and sweatshirts to raise money. They read, “Through rain, sleet, snow or COVID-19” and there’s a stamp to represent the postal service. They are shipped through the mail and part of the money goes toward the postal service. Tezeno decided to donate another portion to another group in need.

“Five dollars from every purchase made goes toward buying a book of stamps, which will then be donated to retirement communities throughout the area," Tezeno said. “A lot of those people in retirement communities enjoy receiving mail as much as they enjoy sending mail. They’re usually sitting there and waiting for the postal worker to deliver, Sometimes it’s the highlight of their day.”

She has already sold 700 shirts and hoodies.

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