Unusual Mother’s Day rituals around the world

Cards, flowers, restaurants aren’t enough to celebrate moms in these nations

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Most of the world seems to have a traditional way of celebrating Mother’s Day and making sure mothers everywhere feel loved and get the praise they deserve.

But look hard enough around the world, and you’ll find a few traditions surrounding Mother’s Day that don't have anything to do with flowers, cards or brunches.

Mexico’s song

Much like singing “Happy Birthday” when a birthday is celebrated, people in Mexico each Mother’s Day (held May 10 every year) sing moms everywhere a song called “Las Mananitas.”

The English translation goes like this:

These are little mornings That King David used to sing And on the day of your Saint We sing them to you. Wake up, my dear, wake up! Look, it’s already dawning, The little birds are already singing The moon has gone away.

Sweden’s vacation fundraising

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