Field of dreams: Volunteers keep baseball going in this community after COVID-19 cancels league play

Is this sandlot-style baseball in its most pure form?

Photo by Keith Dunlap
Photo by Keith Dunlap (GMG)

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Even Smalls, Squints, Benny and Ham would be envious of this sandlot.

The above characters in the famous baseball movie “The Sandlot” might have entertained millions in their hit 1993 film, but a group of baseball coaches and volunteers have done something even greater in their community: they formed a sandlot that fills a much-needed void for kids -- and it hasn’t cost parents a penny.

Back in the spring, when some parents expressed concerns over playing organized baseball during the COVID-19 pandemic, the Oxford Recreational Baseball Association in Oxford, Michigan, had to pull the plug on the season and the registration fees that usually come with it.

But even though the money went away, the organization decided that baseball shouldn’t.

Photo by Keith Dunlap (GMG)

Instead of a league with organized games, ORBA decided to send an invite to community members to play pickup baseball games throughout the summer.

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