One seemingly small project for this family leads to fun discoveries around town

This ’rocks’

Cute rocks in Sanford
Cute rocks in Sanford (Photo provided by Alexandra Steiner)

When the world as we knew it went into quarantine status back in March, an Orlando-area kindergarten teacher and mother felt ... well, a little bored, to be honest.

(Let’s be honest: Weren’t we all?)

Plus, Alexandra Steiner wanted to find a way to lift her neighbors’ spirits.

So she and her family found some rocks in their garden, cleaned them, and painted on some words of encouragement, along with plenty of positive messages.

Some of the rocks even focused on our essential workers and everyday heroes.

“It became a project that helped up focus on something positive -- and also got us active as a family,” Steiner said. “My girls loved the entire process, especially when we would head back out and the rocks would be taken from their spots where we left them. The fresh air and quality time surely passed the time, and will be lasting memories for all of us.”

She added, “I hope my children continue to remember to be kind to others. You never know what someone else is going through -- (and) small gestures can add up in a big way. We could all use a little extra compassion right now, more than ever.”

Steiner is a teacher at Lake Mary Elementary School in Seminole County.

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