Woman makes 700 masks for her community, complete with welcoming front-yard display

‘I had a lot of material donated, so I just keep making them’

Anyone need a mask? (Photo provided by Jackie Moore)

Jackie Moore knows how to sew, and has ever since junior high.

Her mother signed her up for lessons, growing up.

But she insists she’s no professional, and just sticks to the basics.

Still, creating 700 face masks seems to transcend just “the basics,” wouldn’t you say?

Moore’s personal project started in April, when Gleaners Community Food Bank asked for help from the community in making face masks for the group’s volunteers, and Moore decided she would lend a hand.

The organization sent out a pattern, Moore followed it, and she didn’t mind doing it. Then at some point, she decided she’d keep going.

Now she estimates she’s made hundreds of face masks for anyone who needs one.

Moore, who lives in Warren, has a display on her front lawn, encouraging people to help themselves.

“Sometimes I see them come up, and sometimes it’s in the middle of the night,” Moore said.

The past two days, she added, she’s gone through 20. Ten were taken one day, and then she realized 10 had been snagged the next.

“I actually don’t have any to put out right now,” Moore said with a laugh.

Most of her masks are for adults, although she’s made some for children.

She uses some basic patterns and others that are a little more fun, and said she’s working on 50 Halloween-themed masks at the moment.

When COVID-19 started, Moore was laid off for three months, so she had some extra time on her hands. Now, she’s back to work as a lab technician, although it’s just two days a week.

Moore said she’ll likely continue working on the masks until “we’re through all of this.”

“I had a lot of material donated, so I just keep making them.”

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