Force 4 Good: ‘Flight to nowhere’ takes off

The seven-hour flight from Sydney to Sydney was intended as a morale booster

The flight to nowhere in Australia was sold out in 10 minutes last month. Passengers on-board got a bird's eye view of some of Australia's iconic sites.

Die-hard travelers in Australia embarked on a unique adventure on the “Great Southern Land” scenic flight.

Qantas Airways' seven-hour flight from Sydney to Sydney took off Saturday. The so-called flight to nowhere sold out within ten minutes last month. Passengers got a bird’s eye view of some of Australia’s iconic sites, like the great barrier reef. Middle seats on the flight were left empty so passengers could social distance.

The experience is designed to be a morale booster for travelers yearning to fly again and the airline, which posted a nearly $1.5 billion loss earlier this year because of the pandemic.

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