Neighborhood kids pay tribute to NHL player with surprise hat toss -- and it’s oh-so heartwarming

Photo by Rich Lam. (Getty Images)

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This was a neat trick to help celebrate a hat trick.

When someone in the National Hockey League scores three goals in a game, there’s a ritual in which fans throw hats on the ice to pay tribute to the player and the feat.

That didn’t happen for Ottawa Senators forward Tim Stutzle when he recorded his first career hat trick on May 8 against Winnipeg, because there were no fans in the stands due to COVID-19 restrictions in Ontario.

But days later, kids in Stutzle’s neighborhood made sure he had an even better tribute for his achievement.

Organized by neighbor Andy Morrisey, area kids gathered behind Stutzle’s house, and when prompted, as soon as Stutzle walked out onto his deck, they threw a bunch of hats out to pay tribute.

A sweet video of the moment can be seen by clicking or tapping here.

The third overall pick in the 2020 NFL Draft, Stutzle at 19 years old became the youngest player to record a hat trick in franchise history.

“We felt bad that he didn’t get the opportunity to get his hat-trick celebrated properly,” Morrisey told CTV News. “These are strange times, and we felt the need to celebrate because scoring a hat trick in the NFL is one thing, but scoring it at 19 is another.”

No doubt, this wasn’t your ordinary tip of the hat, thanks to the neighborhood kids.

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