How environmentally friendly are you? Take these quick polls to help determine exactly that

Do you do more for the planet, less for the planet, or about average, compared to your peers?

Do you recycle? (Photo by ready made from Pexels)

When it comes to climate change and environmental issues, it might feel like a lot to wrap your head around: The problems are so widespread and complex -- so if you’ve ever thought to yourself, “What can one person even DO?”, you’re likely not alone.

But climate change impacts all of us, as we have to live in our rapidly changing world and experience some of the effects first-hand.

Just think: What kind of planet do we want to pass on to our kids or grandchildren someday?

The good news is, you’re probably doing at least a helpful task or two without even realizing or thinking much about it. Does anyone else feel like recycling comes second nature these days? That’s incredible. More and more people seem to be bringing their own bags grocery shopping too, which is great when it comes to reducing single-use plastics.

Answer these polls below, and you just might surprise yourself with all the action you’ve already taken -- and it might be cool to see how you stack up versus your fellow readers and viewers. Plus, some inspiration? Maybe there will be a task on this list that you’re not already doing, but you should be.

Here goes:

Did something else just pop into your brain? For example, a colleague just told me that in addition to some of the tasks above, he:

  • Keeps his thermostat at a certain temperature.
  • Seals off some windows and doors in the wintertime (helping to keep the cold air out).
  • Re-uses takeout containers.
  • Holds onto fast-food napkins instead of throwing them out.
  • And he told me about a Taco Bell Sauce Packet Recycling Program (genius, right?)

OK, your turn! Tell us any inventive environmentally friendly things that you do, perhaps similar to my coworker, that we might have forgotten to list above, if you’re so willing:

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A big THANK YOU for your participation above.

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