Kittens in the library? How cool would it be to adopt one out with your books? 💙😻

How cute is this kitty? (Pexels.)

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We have another digital episode that just dropped on our YouTube page, and it’s got plenty of good stories that will surely put a smile on your face. Well, we hope so at least!

My favorite story of the episode is about a public library near San Antonio, Texas, that has developed a new and unique way to help pets that need to be adopted from animal shelters. If you’re an animal lover, you know there are SO many cats and dogs that need to be adopted, and this is such a cool way to get these pets in their “furever” homes.

Check out our latest episode of Something Good by clicking on the photo above. (Something Good.)

How fun would it be if you were visiting your local public library, and there were cute little puppies or kittens that were just begging for you to take them home? That’s exactly what this library in Boerne, Texas, is doing. Visitors come in looking for a book to take home, and they leave with a new four-legged friend.

I love this idea because these animals are getting taken home by people who aren’t exactly looking for a new pet. When folks show up at an adoption event, they’re looking to adopt, but when you’re at the library and see an adorable kitty starring up at you, how can you say no to their face? It’s almost like it’s love at first sight!

Besides adorable kittens and dogs, we’ve got a great story about elementary schooler Rosie, who is blind and inspiring her teachers with her tenacity and personality. She’s a cute little spit fire and I want to be her best friend!

We’ve also got a wild story about a high school student who saved his classmate’s life after the classmate suffered an unexpected seizure. Talk about not all heroes wear capes, right?

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