Where do you stand on the AM radio in cars debate?

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Should AM radio in vehicles go by the way of dinosaurs and become extinct?

There has certainly been a healthy debate of late about it, as automakers have tried to get rid of it, while lawmakers seem to be doing everything they can to preserve it.

In recent months, automakers such as Ford, Tesla, BMW, Volkswagen and Mazda decided to remove AM radio from new electric cars.

The rationale was that electric engines can interfere with the sound of AM radio stations, and that less people are listening to AM radio in general with the increased popularity of satellite radio.

Ford also initially took out AM radio from the 2024 gas-powered Mustang, so it’s not out of the realm of possibility that automakers are simply using the electric models as an initial test to see if AM radio has value for any type of vehicle going forward.

Evidently, lawmakers feel there is still plenty of value for AM radio.

Earlier this month, members of Congress introduced the AM for Every Vehicle Act, a bill that would “issue a rule requiring automobiles manufactured or imported into the United States include devices, installed as standard equipment, that can receive signals and play content transmitted by AM broadcast stations.”

The biggest reason lawmakers are coming to the defense of AM radio is that they feel it’s still an important way for crucial information to be transmitted during emergencies, especially to rural areas.

Last week, Ford decided to scale back on its original intentions for AM radio in its vehicles, saying that it will include AM radio in all 2024 Ford and Lincoln vehicles.

Time will tell if other automakers follow suit and what the future of AM radio ultimately will be.

Do you feel cars should still include AM radio? Or is it something that’s not worth it anymore? Let us know in the comments below.

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