Tyson is investing in lab-grown meat

Thursday's Money Matters Report

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JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Tyson Ventures, is funding a company that is creating lab-grown meats. Tyson has co-led a $2.2 million investment in Jerusalem-based Future Meat Technologies. 

The technology company uses muscle and fat cells from animals to make meat that's not genetically modified. The cultured meat is made in a disposable plastic bag. 

Researchers at Future Meats believe consumers would prefer this method to killing animals and poor safety standards. 

Tyson Ventures is a subsidiary of Tyson Foods Inc., which is known for conventional meat production, using livestock and chickens.

The company also invested in Memphis Meats, and Beyond Meat, which sells plant-based proteins. 

But a recent study found some consumers might be hesitant to try lab-grown meats. Technomic, a data and analytics provider for the food industry, says 60 percent of consumers surveyed would not eat lab-grown beef. 

Future Meat hopes the lab meat, that would cost less than traditional meat, will change people's minds.