The small appliance that could equal big savings for your family

Consumer Reports tests 7 vacuum sealers; 4 came out on top

Not only are vacuum sealers easy to use, they can also save your family money. Consumer Investigator Lauren Verno shows us hot they work and the ones recommended for every budget.

Consumer Reports says it’s a small appliance worth buying for your kitchen because not only is it easy to use, it can save your family money.

If you haven’t considered a vacuum sealer for your food before, Amy Keating, Consumer Reports’ own nutritionist, says it’s her secret weapon at home.

“Vacuum sealers help maintain the quality of frozen foods by limiting exposure to air. And maintaining the quality of your food reduces waste,” she said. Consumer Reports just tested seven vacuum sealers ranging in price from $60 to $180. They work by removing the air from a bag, then fusing the top along a heated strip to create an airtight seal.

“We knew from previous testing that vacuum sealing does extend the life of food. So we tested how well they seal dry foods and moist foods, how quickly and quietly they operate and how easy they are to clean,” said Consumer Reports test engineer Bernie Deitrick.

All the vacuum sealers Consumer Reports tested were excellent at sealing dry goods, but four were better when sealing foods with liquids, like meat marinades.

Even if you aren’t going to buy a vacuum sealer, you can still take advantage of the benefits of freezing! Consumer Reports says the key is to remove as much air as possible.

“Your best bet is to emulate that vacuum sealer. Squeeze as much air out of the plastic storage bag or better yet wrap your food tightly in plastic wrap or foil before putting it in the bag,” Keating explained.

If that frosty freezer burn does happen, don’t worry. Consumer Reports says It doesn’t make the meat unsafe to eat but it can change the taste, texture and appearance.

It’s not just meat, fruits and veggies we’re talking about. Milk in the carton, bread and even eggs can be frozen, too.

Watch this video from Consumer Reports for easy steps to freeze your food better and for longer.