Non-invasive 'i-lipo' helps tighten, tone

Recently approved by FDA, system uses lasers to target fat, cellulite

It's almost bathing suit season and not there's a new body sculpting system that promises immediate results with no needles and no downtime.  It's called i-lipo.

Stay at home mom Melanie Alva stays active and watches her diet, but like many moms, it hasn't been a walk in the park getting back to her pre-baby body.

"I had my son three years ago and since I had him, I've had a lot of trouble keeping my weight where it needs to be," said Alva. "I decided this year was going to be my year and why not get a little extra help."

To kick start her weight loss program, Alva found a doctor using the fat reduction and body sculpting system i-lipo.

"All Melanie has to do is just lay here and the lasers are doing all the work for her," said Dr. Naureen Ahmeddudin.

Recently approved by the FDA, iLipo uses lasers to target fat and cellulite.

"The i-lipo the only one (of its kind) where it's FDA approved to have the lasers actually on the skin and that's the beauty of it," Ahmeddudin explained. "It's penetrating a little deeper. It goes a few millimeters further than some others that are out there and so you're getting results a little bit sooner."

It's also completely painless. Alva said she napped during her last 20 minute session.

"It's very relaxing. I have a three year old at home, so it's relaxing to come here and do it," said Alva.

"All those lasers are doing is going into the skin and there's fat cells under the skin. So think of it as a cluster of grapes," said Ahmeduddin. "The lasers are penetrating into those clusters and releasing the contents of the fat cells."

To help the body naturally release the fat cells, the patient must do about 30 minutes of light exercise after each treatment.

Eight to 10 treatments are recommended and i-lipo representatives say within a month, you can drop about two dress sizes.

"Literally head to toe, you can do it. If you've got problems (with jowls), you can do it on upper arms, abdomen, thighs, saddle bags, pretty much any target area that you want," said Ahmeduddin.

Alva said after her first treatment, she noticed a difference in how her pants fit.

"Just in the waistline, a lot looser and it makes you feel a lot better because when you're working out, sometimes people get discouraged when they don't see immediate results and with this you do see results," said Alva. "It's awesome! I love it! I'm excited!"

Just as with more invasive weight loss techniques, maintenance depends on you.

Doctors say a healthy lifestyle, drinking lots of water and getting plenty of exercise can help keep those unwanted inches off.

I-lipo can cost between $250 and $400 per treatment.  According to the i-lipo website, six clinics in Florida offer the system.  Orlando is the closest.  For clinic's that offer the i-lipo system in Georgia, click here.