GoNoodle program gets kids moving in classrooms

Chets Creek Elementary gets Olympic coach for day as part of program


JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – An online program called "GoNoodle" is turning classrooms into active spaces. Duval County teachers are using the new technology to keep students energized with short bursts of physical activity that they can perform beside their desks.

Thanks to the program, Florida Blue and St. Vincent's Healthcare, students at Chets Creek Elementary School were able to work out Monday with the help of an elite athlete.


They got Olympic training in their own cafeteria with Alexis Love (pictured), a USA Track & Field athlete.

"It's so special because I remember when I was in school and in the cafeteria and I had no say," Love said. "It's a huge deal to give back."

GoNoodle helps teachers and students get active while learning subjects like math and language arts.

Chets Creek was picked for the special assembly with Love because more than half of the school's teachers use GoNoodle in their classrooms.

"Our kids are up out of their seats and going in between classes, and our coach is having a grand old time," said KK Cherney, media specialist at Chets Creek. "Here's the best part: Our teachers are out of their chairs, too. So everybody has got these great endorphins and energy rushing through their bodies."

Cherney said the program has been like an eagle that swooped in and rescued students who have been overwhelmed by testing.

"(It's) way more fun because you get to stretch more and have more fun," student Malia said.

Juliana, a first-grader, loves GoNoodle so much that she's always ready to show off her new moves and teach others who have been through the program.

"My favorite part about GoNoodle is it keeps your brain going, and when you take a brain break, it's good," Juliana said.

The students at Chets Creek and across Duval, Baker, Nassau, St. Johns and Clay County have reached over 1.3 million minutes of physical activity because of the GoNoodle program.

"They love it, just being able to take breaks from the classroom and have fun and learn at the same time," Love said. "It's a big deal."