Woman suffers stroke, left paralyzed after sex with husband


BIRMINGHAM, ENGLAND – A woman who was left paralyzed following sex is now warning other women about her plight.

Lucinda Allen of Birmingham, England had just finished having sex with her husband in 2012 when she felt an excruciating headache.

Allen, who was also six months pregnant, had suffered a brain hemorrhage and was immediately put into a medically-induced coma following a series of strokes.

The Mirror reports Allen is now on a campaign to warn others of thunderclap headaches which affect many women during and after sexual intercourse.

Allen said a congenital abnormality in a blood vessel led to her a lifetime of headaches following sex. However, the headache during this episode was unlike anything she had suffered previously.

“It’s normally a bit like brain freeze and never lasts long – but this time it didn’t go away and soon I was writhing in agony,” Allen told The Mirror.

After being placed in a coma, doctors performed a craniotomy to relieve the pressure on her brain. However, the five strokes Allen had suffered left her paralyzed on her left side.

Despite all she had been through, including a three-month hospital stay, Allen gave birth to a healthy baby girl in November 2012.

“Nobody talks about post-orgasm head pain,” she says, “That’s understandable. But I want to raise awareness of how it can be a warning sign.