People with asthma may need to prepare for inhaler shortage

Inhaler (Special to WJXT)

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – If you have asthma, you may need to prepare for a shortage of inhalers.

Doctors say they are using albuterol, the medicine inside the pump, to help COVID-19 patients breathe.

Dr. Thomas Lupoli, an allergist and immunologist, told News4Jax on Thursday that he has been frequently asked about patients with asthma and their risks with the coronavirus. Many of them are stocking up on medicine.

He said while they haven’t seen a shortage of pumps or the medicine, it is a possibility and something asthmatics should prepare for.

“That kind of stands true for most viruses in general, where asthmatics would tend to experience much more symptoms than the general population,” Lupoli said. "So far, our patients, we are recommending they really be cautious and stay inherent to their daily asthma controlling medicines to lessen their chance of flareups and having problems.“

Lupoli said they are watching backorders and shortages closely, and have even started limiting the number of refills people can have for their medications.

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