Recovering from COVID-19, Vic Micolucci shares what virus taught him

News4Jax anchor/reporter returns to work Wednesday

Vic Micolucci's selfie while getting some salt-air therapy.
Vic Micolucci's selfie while getting some salt-air therapy. (Photo provided by Vic)


After two long weeks, I’ve tested NEGATIVE for the coronavirus. I’ve been cleared to leave isolation and carefully get back to normal activities.

I’m still tired and have lingering shortness of breath, but I’m regaining strength and energy. It’s unclear if I’ll have any lasting effects.

While this may seem like a victory over COVID-19, I know the war has not been won. I cannot rejoice because I’m worried about others feeling the wrath of this illness.

Looking at the numbers, about 14,000 Americans died while I was fighting the virus. Across the world, the human toll is much higher. Most of these people passed away without their loved ones. so many others are struggling to breathe and scared. I don’t take this lightly.

Every breath is a blessing. And I can’t thank you enough for the love and support. The cards, the calls and the messages have been overwhelming. They’ve been the medicine I needed.


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We are fighting a virus that is still claiming victims every minute. A bug that shows no mercy on people who need it the most. We are also battling misinformation. Ignorance. Lack of concern for others.

There’s always time to improve. If you’ve been careless in the past, now’s your chance.

Reach out to a loved one. Or a stranger. Make a new friend. I know I have. Go above and beyond to show you care.

Saying “get well soon” is nice. Following up and really checking on someone takes kindness to another level.

As I work to recover and get back to normal, I’ll look at life a little differently. I’ll cherish the little things I once took for granted.

I’ll push harder for what’s right. I’ll keep fighting. People are still suffering. Health care workers are strained.


It’s not hard to wear a mask. Or keep your distance. Or skip that big party. The more we do now, the faster we’ll be able to get back to the way things were.

I plan to return to work Wednesday. I hope to make a difference.

I cannot thank you enough for helping me through this.

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