Do you have COVID brain?

COVID-psych Brain
COVID-psych Brain

For months research has shown how the COVID-19 virus affects the brain, causing infected patients to experience memory loss, difficulty sleeping, and problems focusing. But now, patients who have never had COVID are experiencing the same symptoms. Ivanhoe has details on why this is happening and what can be done to stop it.

Marco Trochez wasn’t caught off guard when he was diagnosed with bipolar disease.

“My dad is bipolar 1. He has bipolar 1 disorder and my sister has bipolar 3 disorder,” Trochez said.

But what did catch him off guard was COVID-19.

“That sort of brought to me this kind of depression, anxiety, and this like fogginess,” Trochez said.

He was also unable to sleep, was restless, and had problems focusing. Dr. Arthur Bregman, a psychiatrist at Bregman Medical Group, said many of his patients who have never had COVID are experiencing what he has coined COVID psych brain.

With COVID causing everyone’s anxiety levels to be elevated, “People’s cognitive function are disconnected and they’re foggy,” Bregman said.

This can even cause memory problems. Bregman said people can find relief with the three R’s. The first is relationships.

“Go talk to a friend. Take a break,” shared Bregman.

Keeping a routine promotes good mental health. Set aside a particular time for work and exercise. The last R resilience, or the ability to bounce back, can be achieved by maintaining routines and relationships. But if the symptoms are severe …

“Those people may want to see a therapist,” said Bregman.

Marco works with his therapist on his COVID psych brain and is feeling much better now.

“Awareness, meditation helps a lot,” Trochez said.

Giving himself and his pup, Pi, peace of mind.

Bregman said people who already have other mental conditions, such as anxiety or depression are more prone to COVID psych brain.