If the person with you was choking, would you know what to do?

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Even people trained on CPR, the Heimlich maneuver and other lifesaving techniques are not always confident how they would react if called upon in an emergency situation.

That’s why companies are selling devices promising to make those lifesaving moments a little easier.

We saw ads for these devices popping up regularly our social media feeds and decided to buy the DeChoker to see how it works.

The idea of it is simple: You put the device over the mouth, pull it up and whatever is stuck is supposed to be dislodged.

Who better to ask how it works than Priya Weise, mother of two twin boys Aidan and Ethan, who is always alert in case one of them swallows something they shouldn’t.

“There’s two of them. I can’t give each of them 100% attention at any given time because I always have to split my attention between them. It’s definitely a little scary,” Weise said.

That is one of the reasons she took CPR classes while she was pregnant.

“We definitely prepared as best we could but, in an emergency, sometimes you forget what you learned. That’s just human nature,” Weise said.

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