Panel of doctors field questions on COVID vaccines

3 doctors answered your questions Monday at Channel 4

If you’ve had the coronavirus, how long do you have to wait before being vaccinated? Can you mix vaccine brands?

Those were some of the questions asked to a panel of doctors with the Duval County Medical Society on Monday evening, who were at Channel 4 to provide information about the COVID-19 vaccines.

“There’s been some people absolutely question the vaccine, others who are just just need a little bit more reassurance,” said Dr. Prasanthi Reddy, with Rainbow Pediatric Center.

“I think some of the people that have called us are very anxious and had a lot of misinformation,” said Dr. Daniel Thimann with Wolfson Children’s Hospital.

Some who called the doctors had already been vaccinated.

“A lot of questions about the booster vaccine, and we only have the data that we have right now. It’s under review,” Reddy said.

Questions were asked about the doctors themselves and their choice to be vaccinated.

“I practice pediatric emergency medicine so I’m very up-to-date on all vaccines and all the side effects. And I wanted to get the vaccine in front of everyone,” Thimann said.

While more than 164 million Americans have been fully vaccinated against COVID-19, including more than 10 million in Florida, there are many who have yet to get the shot.

“To me it’s not so much about convincing as it is giving them the information to make an informed decision and hearing what their concern is so that they can ask it in a safe place,” said Dr. Jennifer Cowart with Mayo Clinic.

Even as new infections of the highly transmissible delta variant surge, the results of a new Associated Press poll show that nearly half (45%) of unvaccinated Americans say they definitely will not get the vaccine. Another 35% say they probably will not get the shot.

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