Desk-ercise: Tips on workouts while working

Whether you're working on the computer or answering phones, many at-home workers sit for nearly eight hours per day. All of that sitting can lead to obesity, diabetes and even heart problems.

ORLANDO, Fla. – Many office workers, even if they work from home, tend to sit most of the day.

Whether you’re working on the computer or answering phones, many at-home workers sit on average 7.7 hours per day. All that sitting can contribute to obesity, diabetes, and cardiovascular problems.

So maybe you need a little desk-ercise. Here are details on how you can create healthy habits for the new year and not leave your office.

Feeling fatigued in the office? Tired or being tired at work? Need a mid-day pick me up?

How about a little workout while you work! The list of top desk-ercise equipment is out. Gaiam classic balance ball chair promotes micro-movements that may burn calories and help keep people alert. The chair gym strengthens muscles and can perform 50 different exercises targeting the chest, back, shoulders, arms, and abs.

Lifespan treadmill desks may reduce back pain. Researchers found that individuals who used a treadmill desk while reading texts and emails also had higher levels of recall and attention than those who remained sedentary. And check out the desk cycle, it has resistance levels to give your legs and core a workout. It keeps the blood moving and prevents fluid buildup. But you don’t need to buy equipment. Try leaning push-ups on a stable desk, wall sits can be done anywhere along with calf raises.

And don’t forget to use your chair! Chair dips, leg lifts, and core strengthening can all be done using your desk chair, just be sure to lock the wheels before you get started.

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