Simple ways to relax

Techniques you can use, even on the most hectic of days

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Everybody could use a little more time to relax.  But what you may not realize is how easy it is to work in some relaxation techniques, even on the most hectic of days.

Dr. Mladen Golubic teaches people how to relax at Cleveland Clinic's Wellness Institute.
He says the first thing you can do is smile more - even if you don't feel like smiling.

"The analogy that I use is you cannot have stress in a relaxed body. So, even if you relax your face and facial muscles, which there are many of them and they are very integrated, the message to the brain is quite intense," said Golubic.

Golubic adds another great way to relax is simply breathing.  He says taking a deep breath in every once in a while, then smiling when you breathe out, is a great, simple way to relax at any part of the day.  He says spending a few minutes meditating, or practicing something like Tai-Chi or yoga at the beginning or end of the day can also help. 

But as your day plays out, Golubic says in order to relax, it's important to figure out what is stressing you out in the first place.

"You might notice that you are tense, you're holding your shoulders like this, yeah? Or maybe your back, so when you notice this you can mentally go and relax yourself," he said.

Golubic says exercise may also help you to relax, plus you get the added cardiovascular and muscular benefits, too.

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