Study: Wine good for the immune system

Research shows it can help vaccines work better

By Monica Whitsel - Producer
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The saying goes "an apple a day keeps the doctor away", but if you aren't a fan of apples, why not wine?

According to Daily Mail, new research by University of California scientists shows it can be beneficial to one's health. It helps to strengthen your immune system.

The wine must be consumed in moderation. Heavy intake doesn't have the same effects. 

The scientists used Rhesus macaques (monkeys) for the study.

The scientists gave the monkeys alcohol to eventually get them to want to drink the wine. Over the time there were monkeys who were moderate drinkers and others who would indulge in alcohol being heavy drinkers.

When the scientists gave the primates vaccines there was a difference between the affects of the vaccines on the two groups. 

The group who drank moderately had a better response to the vaccine. For them the vaccine works better. The alcohol increased the vaccine response. 

Though when it came to the heavy drinking primates, the alcohol had a different effect with the vaccine. The alcohol diminished the vaccine's fighting ability. 

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