Still no deal reached in Jacksonville contractor’s forgery, fraud case

Wyatt Green’s trial will start March 28 if attorneys don’t reach an agreement

Wyatt Green

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – The Jacksonville contractor who’s been at the center of a News4JAX I-TEAM investigation for several years still hasn’t reached a plea deal -- something his attorney has been working on for months.

Wyatt Green faces eight felony charges that could put him behind bars for years if he is convicted in a trial. Green’s charges include forgery, organized fraud and grand theft, and his attorney and the prosecutor updated the judge in the case Wednesday morning -- saying they are still working on a deal that would allow Green to avoid trial.

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Prosecutors say while Green was with Storm Restoration Specialists LLC or Storm RS, he forged insurance documents and took thousands of dollars without finishing the work he was paid to do.

Some of Green’s customers, which include Hurricane Irma Victims, tell the I-TEAM they were left with damage they could not afford to pay someone else to fix because their insurance companies had already paid Green.

At one time, Green faced 21 felony charges, but late last year, prosecutors amended those charges and consolidated some – leaving him to face eight:

  • Four counts of grand theft
  • Three counts of forgery
  • One count of organized fraud

You may recall, while Green was out on bond following his initial arrest in April 2019, the I-TEAM spotted him on camera betting thousands of dollars at a Jacksonville poker room. After we brought this information to the State Attorney’s Office, the conditions of Green’s bond were adjusted to prevent him from gambling.

Green’s case has moved slowly since his arrest more than two years ago, with delays exacerbated by attorney changes and the COVID-19 pandemic.

Back in November, the judge moved forward with setting a March trial date in case Green’s attorney and prosecutors couldn’t reach an agreement. If they can’t reach a deal before then, jury selection will begin on March 28.

Wyatt Green