Jacksonville’s best museum: Mandarin Museum & Historical Society

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – It should come as no surprise -- the Mandarin Museum and Historical Society is, once again, your choice for Jacksonville’s best history museum.

As written by VisitJax, the museum offers a chance for you to explore the natural beauty of old Florida, capturing a time when citrus growers worked the land and steamboats plied through the waters.

The 10-acre riverfront site was once a homestead and includes a restored 1875 farmhouse and a barn from the same era. You’ll enjoy a picturesque scene of oak trees draped with Spanish moss.

The boardwalk provides a chance to watch wildlife and catch a glimpse of a sunset! The society offers tours, events, volunteering opportunities and more.

In the museum, learn about a Union steamboat that hit a Confederate mine and sank off Mandarin Point. There’s also a rotating gallery that exhibits modern and past artists that were inspired by the Mandarin community.

Learn more on the museum’s website.

Runners up:

2) The Brumos Collection 3) Beaches Museum