Florida McDonald's employee gives unwanted earful at drive-thru

Hot Mic: Foul language used in video

By Carianne Luter - Social Media Producer

HOMOSASSA, Fla. - Would you like %#&@ with that? 

A video is going viral after a side of unwanted gossip came with a McDonald's customer's meal. 

The video posted on Facebook claims a man, from out of town, stopped at a Florida McDonald's to get some breakfast. What he ended up getting was an earful of another woman's personal conversation. 

"So I was traveling to Homosassa, Florida today and stopped at the McDonald's in Cross City for some breakfast.........Hot Mic !!!!! CAUTION FOUL LANGUAGE!," the post read.  

We have censored the video to make it easy on the ears. 

We reached out to the man, who said he only caught half of the story on camera. He claims he could hear the woman talking about her need to use the restroom. 

"There was about 45 seconds of stuff before I could get my phone out," he said. "She was talking about having to take a deuce and how they hadn't had a car in 15 minuets and now this M'Fer (me) pulled up when she had to pee." 

The man said he did not tell the lady that he could hear her, because he was worried something might happen to his food. 

News4Jax brought this to the attention of Ken Kocian, McDonald’s store Owner/Operator. This is what he had to say:

“We are disappointed by the behavior demonstrated in this video. Neither person is currently employed by my organization, and we remain committed to ensuring a positive environment for customers and employees.”

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