Avoiding travel nightmares: Which airline cancels the most flights, which is the most affordable?

Department of Transportation’s annual report includes statistics to answer these questions, more

If you plan to travel at all in the new year, you might want to take a look at some newly released statistics from the Department of Transportation.

The federal agency’s annual report breaks down which airlines most often cancel flights, lose bags and which is the most affordable.

Let’s start with the dreaded nightmare that is a canceled flight.

American leads the group with the most canceled flights at an average of 2.68%; Southwest was at 2.6% and United had 2.46%.

Delta ranked as the best airline for the least amount of canceled flights at 0.68%.

So which airline is the worst at getting to a destination on time?

Frontier comes in as the worst -- the airline was not on time for 27% of flights; Jet Blue came in at 26% and United was late for a quarter of its flights.

Delta had the most on-time flights.

We all know you get what you pay for, but just how much is the average flyer paying?

Delta was the most expensive airline with a ticket costing $390 on average, United’s average cost was $387 and American’s average was $370 a flight.

As for the most affordable airline, Spirit came in at No. 1 with an average of $98 a ticket, while Frontier was at $105 and Allegiant at $136.

Don’t forget when booking airlines like Frontier and Spirit not many bells and whistles come with the ticket price -- bringing a bag or picking where you sit will cost you extra.

If you want to learn more, including which airline had the most mishandled bags or animal incidents, you can read the report here.

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