Secret Deals: How to shop Amazon and save

Amazon has become a necessity for millions. More than 197 million people visit every month and almost one in three Americans has a Prime membership with Amazon!

Members typically spend more than one thousand dollars a month. With so much online spending happening, how can you save money on this site?

First, browse Amazon’s Outlet store, it offers thousands of marked down, overstock items.

Next, check out the coupon page, you’ll find deals that are organized by category. The Amazon Warehouse has discounted open-box items like TVs, laptops, and home goods that have been returned or used.

And don’t forget to check out the daily deals page which gives you different discounts for a limited time.

The subscribe and save program is another way to get discounts on items you order on a regular basis. The automatic deliveries ship free and amazon offers 15% off the order.

The Amazon Assistant Google Chrome extension lets you shop and compare prices of items to help you find the best deal. Other sites like CamelCamelCamel and Keepa will notify you when the cost of an item is about to drop.

Another money-saving tip, select no-rush shipping for your order. The service is free, and shoppers can earn $1 in digital rewards each time they select it.