Women actually pay more for car insurance even though men are riskier drivers, study finds

Florida women’s wallets hit hardest -- they pay $85 more a year on average

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A recent study published by The Zebra, an insurance comparison website based in Austin, Texas, found some bad news for women when it comes to car insurance prices -- especially if they live in Florida.

According to their research, which compared more than 83 million rates nationwide over four months last year, women can pay up to 7.6% more than men, depending on their age and location.

That’s true even though men tend to be riskier drivers and file more claims than women.

According to The Zebra, teenage boys do pay more than teenage girls for insurance, but middle-aged women pay more than middle-aged men, even though they are less dangerous drivers.

The national average shows women pay just 0.4% more than men, but a woman driver can pay a lot more than a man her age, depending on the state she lives in.

In Florida, a woman pays $85 more a year on average for her insurance premium than a man pays, The Zebra found. That amount is by far the most in the country.

Men and women are practically even in Georgia. On average a Georgia woman pays only $1 more a year than a man for car insurance.

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