Are high diesel fuel prices affecting your travel habits or business? We want to hear from you.

Concerns about rising diesel prices

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – With gas prices at an all-time high for the fifth day in a row, and diesel prices remaining well over $5 a gallon, we know the costs might be having an affect on your decisions about travel or on your business.

The national average for diesel is $5.56. In Florida, it’s $5.63, and in Georgia, it’s $5.21.

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AAA reports the price of diesel fuel has risen 87% in Florida over the past year.

Truck driver Adonis Branch said his vehicle takes 300 gallons, so when he fills it up, it’s around $1,500. But he said it doesn’t affect his pay or work.

“I still got plenty of work,” he said.

But AAA spokesperson Mark Jenkins said it does affect consumer prices.

“With rising diesel prices, that raises the price of things like groceries and, you know, the cost of delivering things to your doorstep,” Jenkins said.

If you’re someone who uses diesel fuel on a regular basis for travel, like in a large RV, or for your business, we want to know how the high prices are affecting you.

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