Alternatives to consider as supply chain issues cause tampon shortage

From appliances to cars to infant formula and almost everything in between, supply chain issues are everywhere.

Now there’s a shortage of tampons

Procter & Gamble, makers of Tampax products, told one news outlet the supply problem is temporary and that “the Tampax team is producing tampons 24/7 to meet the increased demand.”

But until shelves are fully stocked again, Consumer Reports says there are some alternatives you can consider.

“There’s usually no medical reason to use one type of tampon over another, so you can try out different brands or styles, and, of course, you can always use pads,” said Consumer Reports health reporter Catherine Roberts. “Or you might consider trying out a reusable option like period underwear or a menstrual cup. Both are eco-friendly.”

Menstrual cups run $20-$40 and give women 6-12 hours of protection.

Period underwear runs $15-$50 and protects up to 12 hours. Period underwear looks and feels like regular underwear, but there’s a special absorbent layer.

Menstrual discs cost about $14-$50 and offer 12 hours of protection.

Reusable cloth pads run about $10-$40, and they give you 4-8 hours of protection.

Many of those options are now available in drug stores or you can order them online.

Consumer Reports says you can also talk to your doctor about ways to skip your period with hormonal contraception.

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