Traveling for spring break? Avoid these common scams.

Scammers have taken note of an expected spike in spring break travel this year, so make sure to protect your travel investment.

State Attorney General Ashley Moody warned Floridians to watch out for spring break scams, including while you’re booking your vacation and while you’re traveling.

Vacation rental fraud. Scammers often post fake listings offering rental properties for cheap deals, leaving travelers without a place to stay -- and costing them money.

Taxi or ride-sharing scams. Unlicensed and unmetered drivers operating out of airports and major tourist destinations charge undisclosed flat-rate fees that are often more expensive than real metered rides.

Vehicle rental scams. Scammers will rent out already damaged sports equipment like jet skis, scooters and boats and then the owner will claim the renter damaged it, asking them to pay up.

Credit card skimming. This happens when a credit card is taken out of sight or skimmed, allowing scammers access to your money.

If you have fallen victim to a scam, report it to the Attorney General’s Office by calling 866-9-NOSCAM or visiting

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