Indianapolis vs Jacksonville: Week 3 Post Game Report

Sports Director Sam Kouvaris' Commentary

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Once again, the opening drive by the opposition resulted in a touchdown. This time the Colts took the opening kickoff and scored on a 7-play drive taking a 7-0 lead.

As I've said before, it never bothers me when things go well for the opposition in the opening drive, but this time it looked like last week. Just a march down field resulting in a TD throw to Marvin Harrison over Rashean Mathis. Mathis was right there but never looked back, a technique that's taught by the Jaguars, and it resulted in an Indianapolis TD.

The offense for the Jaguars still looks a little out of sync, but put enough of a drive together to get three points from Josh Scobee to pull within 7-3.

Some of the play calling is a little strange but some of the execution is also to blame. David Garrard still isn't sharp but is doing just enough.

The next time down the field the Jaguars relied on Maurice Jones Drew both running an catching and Fred Taylor running to get inside scoring territory. A 4th down attempt wasn't successful for the first time this year giving the ball back to the Colts.

Peyton Manning had a couple of chances but isn't as sharp as he's been in the past couple of years as well. He tried to hit Harrison in the flat (they're picking on Rashean) but Mathis got inside the Colts' receiver, picked it off and ran it back for a touchdown.

Despite not playing real well, the Jaguars have a 10-7 lead.

Indianapolis had a methodical drive right before the half, Manning doing what Manning does and the Colts took a lead 14-10 at halftime. The Jaguars got the ball at the beginning of the second half, drove all the way down field, taking more than 8 and a half minutes off the clock but Garrard telegraphed a pass into the flat to Reggie Williams and Kelvin Hayden intercepted it to kill the drive.

Garrard has more interceptions in the first four games (4) than he had all of last year (3).

No matter, the defense got the ball right back with an interception by Brian Williams at the goal line. Very un-Manning like throw into triple coverage. Mathis, Reggie Nelson and Williams were all there with Nelson banging knees with Williams on the catch. Bruised knee, better than something more serious.

If you're going to beat the Colts, it's going to be boring, and that's what the Jaguars are right now. Running, running and more running. But it's pretty effective. Plus Matt Jones is catching balls from Garrard like he's the top receiver.

Actually he is the top receiver!

Taking the ball down field, Fred Taylor showed some of his magic, weaving all the way down inside the Colts 10. MJD got the TD for a 17-10 lead. Indy had the ball for 6 plays in the third quarter, the perfect recipe to beat them. (Last week Buffalo had it for 5 plays in the third but played great in the 4th to win)

The Jaguars ran the football through the whole fourth quarter but settled for a field goal and a 6-point, 20-14 lead. They held the ball for nearly 13 minutes but still only got three. It's the 10th time the Jaguars have been in the red zone this season and they've only come away with two touchdowns. Not good when the Colts will get the ball back with you-know-who at QB.

So they march it right down field, converting a big 4th down with a pass to Harrison for more than 20 yards. Will James, one on one, covered Harrison.

Will James?

Who's he?

I think because Scott Starks was hurt James was in the game. Third down from the 2 and Joseph Addai scores to put the Colts up by 1, 21-20.

Three timeouts, one minute to go, David Garrard can add to his resume with a game winning drive.

The Jaguars caught a break on a pass interference call on 4th down (right call though.) Garrard had a pass blocked but Montel Owens somehow grabbed it out of the air for a first down at midfield.

Josh Scobee is on for a 51-yard, game-winning attempt. This is why they pay him and he has the leg.

The Colts PA is playing "Hells Bells" pretty funny.

Scobee killed it and the Jaguars win 23-21.

Huge win!