Dentists Offer 100 Free Cleanings

Hundreds Line Up Overnight For Free Dental Care

ORANGE PARK, Fla – It?s one of the most uncomfortable places: the chair at the dentist?s office.

But Saturday, Terri Ann Crider was happy to be there.

?My mom saw it on TV and she called me," says the 18-year-old University of North Florida student, "and she said, ?Oh my God! We?re getting our teeth pulled! Your dad is going to wait up there all night for us!?, and I said, ?All right! I?m packed! I?m ready to go!??

Terri Ann had a tooth that was killing her, but her family couldn?t afford to have it removed. The Dentist Place on Wells Road in Orange Park came to the rescue. The office opened up the doors and treated the first 100 people in line to free dental care. Those who were lucky enough to get into a chair had two options: a teeth cleaning or a tooth extraction.


Terri Ann opted to have her moler pulled out.

'?I'm numb right now so I don?t feel anything, but yes, I do feel better," she says.

This is the first time Dr. Renata Folstein and Heartland Dental Care offered the free event in Orange Park. The staff treated people who hadn?t been to a dentist in years.

?[We saw some] broken teeth, swellings, people who couldn?t eat on that side of the mouth for months," says Dr. Dolstein.

Folstein wants to hold the free event next year. She says there?s never any shortage of teeth that need a good cleaning.