Notorious Housewife Violates Probation

Quinn Gray Pleaded No Contest Earlier This Year In Fake Kidnapping, Extortion Plot

ST. JOHNS COUNTY, Fla. – The Ponte Vedra Beach woman who pleaded no contest and was sentenced earlier this year for faking her own kidnapping in an extortion plot two years ago has violated her probation on several counts, according to Department of Corrections documents.

Quinn Hanna Gray's probation officer says in a violation of probation report that Gray "has yet to show any true remorse for her crime and still appears to be in denial and oblivious to the pain she has caused others."

The report shows six different reasons why Gray violated her probation. Most of the reasons are that she owes a lot of money.

The report says she hasn't paid most of the restitution she owes for the extensive search by the St. Johns County Sheriff's Office and the FBI.

Gray also hasn't paid for court costs, supervision costs or drug test fees, according to the report. In total, Gray owes $44,348.


According to the report, Gray gets $10,000 a month from her ex-husband as part of their divorce settlement.

Last month, "Dateline NBC" aired a two-hour-long special on the extortion case. One term of Gray's probation was she couldn't talk with the media. But according to her probation officer's report, she violated that by submitting a statement to Dateline.

Her probation officer said in the report, "It is felt that the offender needs to explain her involvement with the media and take responsibility for her involvement in this case."

Gray's attorney, Mark Miller, said that the terms of Gray's probation did not include her not being able to talk to the media about the case as related to her individually. He said under the terms of Gray's probation, she couldn't talk about her family, which she hasn't done.

Gray will have to go to court because of these probation violations. Her probation officer recommends she be re-sentenced to two years of community control, which essentially is house arrest. Or if the judge doesn't like that suggestion, her probation officer recommends four to six months of jail time as punishment.

The court date has not yet been set.