Video captures 2 girls fighting

Girl apologizes after fight


MANDARIN, Fla. – A fight between two teenage Mandarin girls was recorded on video, and one girl accused the other of being a bully.

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The video shows the two girls pushing and shoving before they fall to the ground and start swinging at each other.

Lisa Hart, who lives in the Hunter's Way Apartment complex, said the incident happened on the playground last weekend.

Hart said one of the girls in the video, Ida Barnes, 12, also pushed her 8-year-old son off of his bicycle another time at the playground.

"I want him to be able to come here and release energy and he doesn't seem to be able to do that because I don't feel safe with them playing out here anymore," said Hart.

Hart said bullying at the playground is a constant problem.

"We're fed up," said Hart.

Hart said she has talked with police, managers at the apartment complex, and tried talking to Barnes' parents but hasn't gotten anywhere.

When Channel 4 tried speaking with Ivory Barnes, Ida's mother, she and Hart began screaming at each other.

Ivory Barnes said she knew about the video and grounded her daughter for it. She added that she wished Hart had tried harder to get a hold of her.

"I felt real bad about that," said Barnes.

Ida Barnes said she fought because she was tired of the other girl harassing her. The 12-year-old also apologized, and hopes others learn from her mistake.

"You should go to an adult. Violence is not the answer," said Ida Barnes.

The other girl in the video was not identified.