JAA to build new hangar, added aviation jobs

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – The Jacksonville Aviation Authority announced Monday that it will build a new 150,000-square-foot hangar at Cecil Airport to accommodate expansion of FlightStar Aircraft Services Inc. operation, which is expected to generate 350 to 400 new aviation-related jobs.

The new $27 million hangar, which is being financed equally by the Florida Department of Transportation and JAA, will be the largest building project ever undertaken by JAA at Cecil Airport.

Under the agreement with FlightStar, JAA will build the hangar and office facility on 11.5 acres of airport property. The project also will include an adjoining aircraft apron and vehicle parking lot.

Upon completion, JAA will lease the land and Hangar 935 to Flightstar for maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) at Cecil Airport. FlightStar currently leases two MRO hangars and one large warehouse/storage building at Cecil Airport from JAA.

"FlightStar has been a significant tenant at Cecil Airport, and we are thrilled to see them expand their operations here," said JAA Chairman A.L. Kelly. "The decision to build Hangar 935 is beneficial for both FlightStar and the airport, and will add a needed boost to the Jacksonville economy."

Funding for the Hangar 935 project will be provided by the JAA (contributing $13.5 million) and a $13.5 million state fund match from FDOT. Should the cost of construction exceed the total JAA and FDOT project participation of $27 million, any additional cost would be Flightstar's responsibility under the terms of the lease.