Gun enthusiasts reflect on President Obama's call for change

Number of gun owners point out that regulating guns won't stop violence


JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – When Channel 4 stopped by the Gateway North gun range on Jacksonville's Westside, they found gun enthusiasts with various opinions on how to handle gun regulations in light of the mass shootings in Connecticut.

"I think it's a violation of our Second Amendment rights to take our guns away from us," said one gun owner.

"I hope they'll make the laws more strict," said another.

A number of gun owners were quick to point out that regulating guns won't stop violence. This after President Obama announced the formation of a new group led by Vice President Joe Biden to develop what he called "concrete proposals" for dealing with gun violence no later than January.

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"Drugs are illegal. There's millions of illegal people coming into country. No one can stop it. You can ban guns. And if people want them, they're going to get them," said a gun enthusiast.

"I don't think it's guns that are the problem. I think it's taking guns out of people's hands and making a group of people not ready to protect themselves," said Don Moore.

Not every gun owner felt that way, some welcome stricter gun regulations.

"I highly agree to a certain extent. It's a matter of safety," said Tommy Jay.

"Something needs to be done, come on. The average law abiding citizen can comply with whatever they come up with. As long as they don't take them away from us against the Constitution, but something's gotta be done," said Jerry Cox.