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Soldier returns home to father fighting cancer

Sergeant James Hyun returns home after serving in Afghanistan

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JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – A father fighting cancer reunited with his son, who has been serving in Afghanistan, on Saturday at Jacksonville International Airport.

It was the touching moment the Hyun family had been waiting for, when 24-year old Sergeant James Hyun, returned home after serving in Afghanistan.

"So good. Happy. I'm happy, very, very happy," said Kevin Hyun, James' father. "Proud of my country, proud of my son, I love USA."

"I felt like I was so far away, I was helpless," said James Hyun. "With being back, I feel like I can do a lot more for my dad now."

Doing more for his dad now has a far different meaning. While he was away serving, his father was diagnosed with cancer and is now fighting the disease. The family said he's going through radiation treatment.

"He's a very, very strong man," said Hyun. "I just think about all the things he goes through, and the things I go through. He can always put a smile on his face, so my days can't be so bad."

The family admits the diagnosis has been hard for everyone.

"It's devastating, but I think God has a plan for us," said Christy Bremer, Hyun's sister. "I think he gave my dad this illness to make my dad take care of himself more, and bring our family together."

The family said it's the first time they've really been together in three years. Even though Hyun is on the road to recovery, his family knows they'll make it through. And yes, having James back home makes things so much easier.

"Although it's sad, we're going to fight this as a family," said Bremer, "and I think we're gonna win."

"My son win the Afghanistan, I win the cancer, too," said Kevin Hyun.

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