Jacksonville complex working to end dog poop problem

Complex plans to DNA test dogs' feces


JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – There's a "dog poop controversy" brewing on the Southside of Jacksonville.

Channel 4 has learned that a condo association is mandating dog DNA testing because of a consistent problem with renters not picking up their dog's fecal matter.

The management at the Villa Medici condo complex on Gate Parkway sent out a letter to residents explaining why they are making the move to set up a DNA registry for dogs in the apartment complex.

The letter reads:

"Dear Villa Medici Residents,

We pride ourselves in being a "Pet Friendly" community, however, un-scooped dog waste has become a real problem. Not only it is unsightly, but more importantly, it can be unsafe to other pets, children and the environment. We try to manage this problem as best we can: however, dog waste continues to be a problem as some residents do not use the provided pet waste stations and leave their pet's waste for others to deal with.

We wish to provide a more attractive and healthy living environment for our residents, therefore we are starting a program known as PooPrints. This program has proven to be extremely accurate and most effective in reducing and even eliminating un-scooped pet waste from communities around the country and we feel it will significantly help our community.

In order for this program to work, we will need to do a cheek swab a DNA sample from all community dogs. From Oct 29, 2013 to November 29, 2013, every dog owner must bring their dog(s) to the Association office."

Some residents Channel 4 spoke to about the Villa Medici's new policy were okay with the change happening at the complex.

"I clean up mine, so that's no problem with me, I've seen dogs and I've seen poop," said dog owner Lamone Fowler.

Others thought the new PooPrint program is too much.

"It's just a little extreme. I know it's a problem, but are they going to DNA test all the residents to know if a cigarette butt...there comes a point when it's a little much," said Elika English.

The idea is that if an owner doesn't clean up after their pup, the complex can track the dog doo to the proper pooch.

"People who are complaining are probably the people not picking up," said Tricia Turner.

PooPrint's website explains their product as the "only permanent, set it and forget it solution for dog waste management."

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