Police officer attacked by 2 women in Walmart; scuffle caught on camera

Florida women charged with resisting, battery on law enforcement officer


CLERMONT, Fla. – Clermont police say two women are facing charges after attacking an officer at a local Walmart, and the incident was caught on store surveillance video.

Police said Officer Ethan Bell had to be taken to an area hospital after being punched in the face on Nov. 7 while at the store located on Johns Lake Road. The officer was complaining of a headache and dizziness, but has since returned to work.

Tiana Harrison, 34, and Alicia McCormick, 37, are now facing charges of battery on a law enforcement officer and resisting an officer.

According to a Clermont police report, Harrison had been arrested for shoplifting at the store in the past and a Walmart employee wanted her kicked off the property.

Harrison admits she was arrested in 2009, but said she's been back to the store several times since then and has never been asked to leave.

According to the report, as Harrison was being escorted out of the store by Officer Bell, McCormick jumped into the fray. Harrison then used her left arm to punch the officer in his nose.

Harrison denies ever hitting the officer.

"I'm right handed. I didn't hit the police officer," said Harrison. "I have a right too. I was in Walmart, I was not under arrest, (he) nudged me first. I did not hit (him), I knew not to hit the police officer. Did I want to for him nudging me? Yes, but I did not."

The officer then pulled his Taser gun and struggled with both women until they were eventually handcuffed. The entire incident happened as stunned shoppers in the deli department look on.

Police said three witnesses saw the women strike the officer and filled out statements against Harrison and McCormick. Both women have since been released from the Lake County jail on a $10,000 bond.

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