Jordan Davis vigil held Saturday

Saturday marks one year since 17-year-old's shooting death

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Saturday marks one year since the shooting death of 17-year-old Jordan Davis.

His family held a candlelight vigil service on Saturday evening in Jacksonville Beach where the public was welcome to attend.

Both Jordan's mother and father were at the vigil, along with dozens of young people. Many of them were Jordan's friends.

Music was played, they wore t-shirts saying "Rest in Peace Jordan," and of course, they honored him with candlelight.

The family says they picked Jacksonville Beach because it was a place near and dear to their son's heart. Jordan's father also says it's hard to believe it's been a year. Others say they hope to see the violence come to an end.

"We just want everyone to remember Jordan Davis," said his father, Ron. "He has been gone a year. Sometimes it takes a whole year for parents to let sink in that your baby is not coming home. I have to acknowledge that he's not coming home, but he is with our Father and he's still in my heart."  

Ron said his son loved to swim. He said they took many trips to Jacksonville Beach and would play in the water and just laugh until their stomachs hurt. He said most of the vigils for Jordan have been in the Downtown area so he wanted to have this one at the beach, not only because of Jordan's love for swimming, but so the Jacksonville Beach community can be a part of remembering Jordan.

"We lost our future for me... I'll never have grandkids, I'll never have a daughter-in-law or great grandkids, so it's having to learn to deal with the thought that my future is forever changed," said Jordan's mother, Lucia McBath.

McBath said it doesn't get easier. Losing her son Jordan Davis a year ago is the hardest thing she ever dealt with. But she said what makes the situation more tolerable, is the support her family has received from so many people.

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"What I do know is we have been shown so much love and support and I feel we have done something right as Jordan's parents and family because Jordan was loved by so many people," said McBath.

Jordan's accused killer, Michael Dunn, has his trial set for February 3rd. Jordan's family hopes that trial will bring justice, but over the weekend, the focus will solely on remembering Jordan. His dad, Ron Davis, said he misses his son more each day.

"The bottom line is we miss our baby and we continue to miss our baby you start thinking of everything since he was small the things you did together with him and as he grew up," said Jordan's dad, Ron.

Ron is amazed by the support they've gotten not only from family and friends, but from complete strangers.

"Even the ones who didn't know Jordan that read about him, they call you and text you and pray for you and for people to pray for someone they didn't know that takes extraordinary belief in the lord and were thankful for that," said Davis.

"It's time to really just start respecting people as people," said family friend Maria Johnson. "Fighting, violence and killing is not the answer. It doesn't resolve anything. Unfortunately, we're coming into a society where it's happening way too often."

Friday evening in Atlanta, another vigil is being held at Jordan's grave site. That one will be more small and intimate. But for Jordan's loved ones the weekend will be all about him.

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