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Marissa Alexander's trial moved to July

Marissa Alexander appears at pretrial hearing.
Marissa Alexander appears at pretrial hearing.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – The trial for Marissa Alexander has been pushed back to July 28 after her lawyer asked for a continuance and it was granted.

The trial was previously scheduled for March 31. All motions now must be submitted by March 14.

Alexander is facing a second trial for firing a gun in the direction of her husband. The First District Court of Appeals threw out her first conviction because of faulty jury instructions.

The case has attracted national attention because Alexander's stand-your-ground petition was denied, and that her conviction drew a 20-year sentence -- which is called for under Florida's 10-20-Life sentencing guidelines for any conviction for a crime that involves firing a gun.

The state attorney's office wants the judge to not release the contact information of the first jury if it is requested by the media. That was taken under advisement.

The defense also moved for a new set of questions for potential jurors, saying he believed the first questionnaire was not fair or accurate and needed to be better defined for this jury selection.

Alexander was at the hearing but did not speak. Her next pretrial date was set for March 26.