Dunn testifies, recollects crime scene

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – After hours of Michael Dunn's testimony in court on Thursday, Channel 4 went to the scene on the corner of Southside Boulevard and Baymeadows Road to re-trace what Dunn said happened the night Jordan Davis was killed. 

Dunn and the teens were parked next to each other in the parking lot of Gate gas station on the corner of Southside Boulevard and Baymeadows Road on Black Friday 2012. In court Tuesday, Dunn went through his story about why he shot Jordan Davis that night.

"I put my window down, turned to my left and asked them to turn the music down please. (The) SUV was right next to me on the left," said Dunn. 

Dunn told the court that the car was blaring it's music, then an argument escalated.

"When the 'f*** this' and the 'f*** that,' there were no music playing, now there was bass, his voice was elevating, yelling so loud it was over the bass," testified Dunn. "After hearing everything I hear, ‘I should kill that mother f***,' I was flabbergasted. I thought I might be hearing something. I'm trying to thinking about the day we had, St. Augustine tomorrow. More elevated voice, ‘I could f*** kill that mother f***.'"

Dunn claimed that one of the teens in the back of the SUV was threatening him with what he described as "the barrel of a shotgun." Dunn said after repeated efforts to deescalate the situation, he finally felt compelled to pull his own gun. Dunn said as he started shooting, the teens pulled out and sped in their SUV to the other side of the gas station. As they fled, Dunn said he fired more shots toward the back of the SUV.

"Yes, in my panic mind, I shot three times," said Dunn. "I was worried about the blind firing situation, hitting me or Rhonda."

The teens parked very briefly on the other side of the gas station. Defense lawyers questioned the teens about why they moved the SUV and why two of the teens inside the SUV got out of the vehicle briefly. 

Defense lawyers asked whether the teens got rid of a weapon when they got out of the SUV. During the investigation, police never found a weapon. 

After the teens came back into the parking lot, they pulled closer to the gas pumps. Police arrived, but Dunn took his fiancé, Rhonda Rouer, and went back to their hotel.  Dunn said they ordered a pizza and had a drink, all to try to calm themselves down.

"Yes, I was trying to calm down, we were both so upset, hands were shaking, body was shaking," said Dunn.

Dunn also told the court Tuesday that he did not know anyone had been hurt. Dunn said he thought he scared the teens off and added that he was worried the group was still following him as he left the gas station parking lot.