Surveillance video of deadly shootout at after-hours club released

Investigators: Argument leads to fight at SW Houston club


HOUSTON – Houston police said they are trying to find everyone who was involved in a deadly shootout at a southwest Houston after-hours club.

The rapid-fire sound of multiple gunshots crackling through the night air can be heard on the surveillance video Houston homicide detectives are now studying as part of the investigation into a deadly shooting at The Vibe after-hours nightclub in southwest Houston.

At around 2:40 a.m. Thursday, an argument broke out in the club and within minutes four people had been shot, including one man who was killed.

Watching it all unfold were more than a dozen horrified customers who ran from the building as the shots rang out.

"They described it as dark inside and people are running and gunfire is flashing and people are ducking trying to find cover," said Sgt. Jonathan French.

In all, three men and one woman were shot, including the murder victim.

At this point no arrests have been made, homicide detectives are searching for the killer or killers.