Mother speaks out about teens involved in fight at Mandarin Middle

Local mother says son was defending himself after derogatory language


JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – The mother of one of the teens involved in a fight at Mandarin Middle School spoke to Channel 4 Thursday night.

The woman didn't want to be named or show her face, but she told Channel 4 that her son is shown in the video, hitting Wyatt Davis (pictured below). Davis' mother, Samantha, told Channel 4 earlier this week that her son was bullied and was beaten up twice in school that day, but the other teen's mother said there's another side to the story.

"Now on the other side you have the mother of Wyatt saying that he was being bullied and that's how all of this happened. Is that true?" asked Channel 4's Tim Pulliam.

"That's absolutely a lie. My son was protecting two students who were being bullied by Wyatt. If my son wasn't defending two boys from being bullied, none of this would have been going on," said the mother.


The woman also claims the fight between Wyatt Davis and her son was racially motivated, and she accused Davis of using derogatory language.

"He really is a kindhearted person, and that is the reason why I am doing this, to get the whole story out," the woman told Channel 4. "One thing, I think, we portray black males in such a negative light, and I've seen this clip and I see this clip of my son hitting this boy, and it's only showing part of the video."

And while this Mandarin mother said her son was only defending himself and his friends, she does wish her son had handled the situation better.

"I'm disappointed. It could have been handled better, but again he was defending himself. Could he have stopped a little sooner? Yes, he could have," she said.